Welcome to the website in the loving memory of Kilian

Dear family, friends and acquaintances,

This site has been made for the loving memory of our marvelous Son and Brother Kilian.
As illustrated in the menu bar, in this site you will find: a message from the family, containing also some information about Kilian’s burial arrangements; a section with a short summary of his life; a section to share messages and/or condolences with the family; a section to share testimonials with the family and the community; a section with some selected pictures and videos; and a section with links to prayers.

Kilian wants that we keep a very happy memory of his wonderful life in this planet. He also wishes that we have a smile on our face every time that we think about him. And he wants us to know that he will be keeping a caring and loving eye on each one of us from wherever he is going to continue with his eternal existence.

Please feel free to share this website with any other person(s) that you feel should be informed – as we may as well not have all relevant contacts information. Thanks.